Data storage - GDPR

At Hotell Dalsland in Ed, we work with telephone booking and online booking where we ask for certain personal information such as name, address, telephone and email address. We enter the information in our hotel system to be able to make your booking, and be able to ensure good service and information.

The information is also used for:
* Communication and customer service in the form of newsletters with information about offers.
* Marketing by email, letters and phone calls.

The information is stored in our hotel system and is only available to our employees. We use the information to be able to contact you before arrival. It is also necessary for us to have a correct guest list with contact information for security reasons. The information also facilitates the next booking opportunity, as we can then easily see the previous stay and pricing.

Updating our registry is done regularly, then we delete old and inactive information.

At any time you can get:
* Access to your personal information.
* Incorrect information corrected.
* Get information deleted.
* Say no to marketing from us.