Our sustainability strategy

Hotell Dalsland is active when it comes to waste sorting, including food waste being given to local game wardens. We have also made sure that it is easy for our guests that the waste ends up right.
We constantly strive to keep consumption of electricity, water and heat down, and systematically replace
light bulbs with LEDs.
It is also important to us that our cleaning products are environmentally friendly. We have abandoned cleaning with paper, and instead use rags that are washed at our own facility.
We make our own brochures, menus and folders for the key cards. Thus we get no waste, and avoid transport.
As far as we can, we shop locally - partly to support local traders, but also to keep transport down.
We encourage our guests to stay longer, among other things by offering lower prices from day two. We work actively to investigate what the guests are interested in, thereby we can offer various activities in collaboration with local tourist companies that offer sustainable activities in the local area (cycling, hiking, kayaking, fishing, bowling).
Guests are advised to take the train here if possible. We have a good collaboration with train companies and can therefore offer good prices.
The target groups we target consist largely of families and larger groups who are here to enjoy nature and make use of the activities offered locally. We also work to ensure that the local population has an understanding that increased tourism industry creates a better supply for everyone in the area, and that it generates higher income and more jobs. We have a large facility that can accommodate many guests, and summer is time for high season.
But we are working towards getting more guests even in winter, among other things by working out packages that are suitable for the season.
By eventually developing the restaurant part and integrating it with hotel operations, we hope to be able to
offer full-time services and together create an attractive workplace.